Gaiatree Dining

Menus are seasonal & dependent on the daily harvest. Here are a few samples of our team's past creations!

Handcrafted Seasonal Menus

  • crispy coconut & cassava croquettes with carrot top chimichirri, golden tomato & mint salsa.

    garden fresh greens, baby cucumbers & herbs tossed with house-made goddess dressing, toasted black sesame seeds & edible flowers.
    smoked coconut, ceylon spinach, Gaiatree sundried tomato & rosemary frittata served with cassava chips & a spicy ginger mayo.
    steamed gaiatree oyster mushrooms wrapped with hand-ground peanuts, fresh thai basil, green papaya, garden greens in rice paper with homemade sweet chill sauce.
    ladyfinger banana & pineapple strudel with homemade vanilla ice cream drizzled in passion fruit butter.

  • fresh rosemary & black pepper sourdough crackers served with a cheese plate, mango pickles & spicy lentil fritters.

    gluten free jungle gnocchi with caramelized white eggplant, green beans, elderberry capers, feta cheese & tomato relish.
    massaged purple kale salad with gotu kola, sweet basil & moringa sprinkled in coconut dust, preserved kumquat & fresh dill dressing.
    five fruit salad fresh from the garden with gaiatree honey & vanilla yogurt and house made coconut granola topped with candied rosella.
    dairy free avocado & gaiatree chocolate mousse served with cinnamon vudi biscotti & starfruit glaze.

farm fresh

We grow, we mix, we preserve, we bake, we share, we serve... sometimes on the rocks!

eat well

  • Welcome to the Nectar Lab! Dive into Fiji’s flavors with exotic down to earth meals made with love. All of our menus are based on the freshest possible ingredients and presented in an elegant and wholesome manner.

  • We're inspired by balance - in tastes, textures and life! Fresh micro greens, melted cheese, creamy eggs, pink passion fruit, simmering sauces, puff pastries, green smoothies, raw chocolate and over-proof Fiji rum

  • Our pantry is full of quality small batch handcrafted creations, fermentations and saucy developments. There are community faves and new exciting tastes arriving each season.

  • Most items in our chef tool belt come as single ingredients. This means we start from scratch, bringing you nutritious taste combinations you can only experience on Taveuni.

fiji spices

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”
- Hippocrates

live well

  • Peppercorns Turmeric Ginger Vanilla Nutmeg Ananato

  • Cinnamon Bay Tree Cardamom Mustard Fenugreek Chili

  • Jasmin Kaffir Lime Watercress Curry Leaf Galangal Lemongrass

taveuni superfoods

Taveuni is home to many luxurious botanical superfoods. Plants that can boost your energy levels & regenerate your cells.

be well

  • Coconut Cacao Rosella Moringa Avocado Papaya

  • Soursop Coffee Noni Elderberry Bele Spinach Pineapples

  • Acai Cashew Pomegranate Honey Guava Green Tea