A unique Taveuni Island Experience!

Join us for the day & explore this edible landscape.
Gaiatree Sanctuary is an organic spice plantation, day club & nectar lab that takes great pleasure in serving our tours high quality superfood infused meals.

Taste the adventure as you enjoy fresh tropical delicacies while soaking up the stunning ocean views & exploring the hilltops of Fiji’s Garden Island.

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Visit Gaiatree
Jungle Chic

You are invited to join our friendly team at the heart of the sanctuary, in the Nectar Kitchen Dome. An open concept kitchen where you can be involved as little or as much as you’d like in the preparation of your lunch. Relax, make yourself at home and enjoy a fresh approach to rustic luxury during your time in the jungle.

Rustic Gourmet

Gaiatree is fresh, down to earth and full of flavor! After a guided tour through the lush gardens you will be served fresh herbal tonics, smoothies and refreshments. Settle in for vegetarian meal featuring seasonal fruits, vegetables, house made sauces and dressings, fresh breads and free run chicken eggs.

Tropical Superfoods

The sanctuary is being developed with permaculture principles, to establish a productive natural ecosystem and to work towards energy self sufficiency. Gardens include a developing food forest with over 50 varieties of fruit trees, holistic herbs and super foods including cocoa, acai, vanilla, starfruit, peppercorns & turmeric.

Nourished Adventure

Fiji’s “Garden Island” is full of lush hilltops where the rainforest meets the farm, the waterfalls flow and tropical wild flowers bloom year round.

Edible Landscape

You’ll be guided through a landscape of exotic tastes & smells. Learn from our friendly team about edible native greens, Fiji’s medicinal herbs & exotic spice leaves.

Fiji Farm to Table Menus

Your day @ Gaiatree features a delicious vegetarian farm to table lunch!

The freshest Fiji has to offer, harvested with in the morning & served with a healthy array of house made sauces, dressings, juices, smoothies, teas & herbal infusions.

Our team handcrafts over the top herbal (& beer) infused artisan breads on site daily… we collect fresh organic eggs from the happiest free range chickens in the world… brew exotic raw vinegars and hot sauces… and present it all with some earthy elegance & a smile!

Fresh watermelon juice infused with lemon basil and shaved ice! Butterfly ginger blended with blue and gold petals for a fresh tonic that magically changes color in front of your eyes! We’re thrilled to present some of the sweetest most exotic nectars on the island!

Pickled green peppercorns & preserved kumquats happily share the pantry with candied coconut & turmeric. We are pleased to present only handmade small batch taste explosions that include all of the sauces, dips, dressing & cordials that will grace your table.

It’s literally a heaven on earth! Their food is to "live" for - carefully constructed, nutritious, mouth watering dishes that are beautifully presented and all made primarily from organic produce grown on the land. Gaiatree was an enriching experience and will always hold a place in my heart.M Stephenson, UK

Special Events

Be pampered in paradise!
Gaiatree is a special venue for special events… secluded, elegant & unforgettable.
Celebrate with us. Custom packages available.

Email for Details
I had an absolutely amazing time and learned so much! I can confidently say that my experience at Gaiatree was the favorite part of my trip to Fiji. The lifestyle you lead and share with others is truly an inspiration. Thank you for your hospitality.H Saunders, USA

Tours are available Thursday to Saturday.

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